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Sport’s Injuries

These are wide ranging in the foot, ankle or lower leg, and advice and treatment depends on whether the injury is acute or chronic. Podiatrists come into their own with chronic injuries, where an biomechanical imbalance needs addressing, this usually requires orthotic intervention and advice on stretching and strengthening exercises.

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Diabetic Feet

The diabetic foot is complex and can suffer with severe and rapid deterioration due to inexperienced intervention, diabetic neuropathy and compromised circulation means basic routine care and advice should be carried out by the podiatrist.

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Foot Pain

Foot pain is wide ranging, common conditions being heel pain or plantar fasciitis, pain in the ball of the foot often referred to as Morton’s neuroma, but many others conditions that an experienced clinician can diagnose clinically, and the where any doubt remains a referral can be made to an experienced foot surgeon whom I

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Children’s Feet

Children suffer from a variety of conditions, verrucae, sweaty feet, athletes foot, in growing and other nail conditions, all of which are treatable with the latest equipment and up to date advice.

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